Last Minutes and Lost Video Shoots

What a fucking day. After a really fun run of shows in Ireland, I arrived at the airport this morning to board my flight from Dublin to London, whence I was headed for Oxford for a video shoot. Pretty tight turn around, but then most things are for me these days. However, on arrival, I was told that I could not travel without a passport. My passport is currently up on blocks in readiness for heading to Israel tomorrow, but I’d been assured, fucking assured, that I could travel with my credit card on this flight. Apparently not, on arrival. Cue mass panic and much creative swearing, followed by a manic drive to Belfast, buying another ticket and getting ready to fly home much later than planned.

This means that the original idea for the video is out the window, as we don’t have enough time (which means I bought a 1970s geography teacher outfit for nothing – dang!). However, we are still shooting today, and we need as much help as we can get. This is where you (might) come in.

We’ll be in Oxford this afternoon, basically trawling the streets and getting people to sing a couple of lines of the song (“Try This At Home”) to the camera, maybe play some guitar too. If you’re in Oxford (or nearby) and at a loose end, we would love your help. Exact locations have yet to be determined, but as soon as I know, I’ll post it on my twitter feed. The boys in the band will be out in force, as will I, as soon as I get there. Please do spread the word on your own twitter, facebook or whatever. All the help we can get is hugely appreciated. Let’s make this happen!

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