Reaching Critical Mass

Man, everything is going nuts today, and as a result this is going to be a pretty sprawling blog, but anyways. Yesterday was the LCCC show with Manchester, a.k.a. the biggest show (audience-wise) of my career to date (TM). It really was quite an experience walking out in front of tens of thousands of Green Day fans on my own with an acoustic guitar, haha, but it went well and much fun was had by all. Green Day and their crew have been generous and gentlemanly to a fault, and I think we made a few new friends. All in all a great experience. Tonight we drive to Germany for Hurricane Festival (tomorrow), then back to London on Saturday for the Wembley Stadium show, then back Germany for Southside, then home. Christ.

Speaking of Wembley, here’s a thing. We’re looking for 15 volunteers to head down to the Stadium on Saturday afternoon to do some flyering for us. We can’t get you into this show, but we can get you (and a friend) into the iTunes Festival show at The Roundhouse on July 19th by way of thanks. We need 15 people. If you’re interested, please send an email with your name and enthusiasm to Many thanks.

I’m pleased to say that the official video for Try This At Home is finished, uploaded, and jolly good. You can go see it right here. Thanks again to Ben Morse for his directorial skills, not least because we pulled the video concept and shoot together in about an hour’s notice due to aeroplane fuckups at my end. Enjoy.

On the subject of Try This At Home (man, I’m segueing nicely today), we have some winners for the competition (I think) but I’ll save that for another blog. For the time being, we’ve decided to open up the artwork to the same principle as the B-Sides. What we’re looking for is an image to use as the cover for the 7″ vinyl. It has to be square, at least 184 x 184mm and 300dpi. We also want it to include the words “Try This At Home” but nothing else. If you’re up for it, competition entries should be mailed to with the subject line “competition artwork”. I’m looking forward to seeing what some of you come up with!

I think that’s it for today, though I’ve got that nagging feeling I’ve left something out. Maybe that’s just a function of the fact that everything is, currently, mental. Oh, I know! There’s a nice spread in this week’s Kerrang magazine, and a trail for the fact that, next week, I will be on the cover. This is a new milestone for me and I have to say I’m pretty chuffed about it! Onwards and upwards.

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