Radio Free England

Morning. So they saved 6 music, which is an excellent thing, though, I did laugh my arse off at this. Anyways. On the subject of radio, last night Zane Lowe played the new single, Try This At Home, on his show on Radio One, which was very decent of him. The way these things work over there at Broadcasting House is this… If they get great feedback from evening show plays, they think about moving it up to the daytime shows. I don’t have a street team for a reason (I think it’s bogus bribing people to promote you) but if you want to get involved helping out, here’s your moment. Fearne Cotton‘s show is on right now, and you can let her know how much you enjoyed the song on Zane last night and how much you’d like to hear it today (hopefully a lot, haha) by emailing her here:; or by texting 81199 between now (10 am ish) and 12.45. And I, of course, will be hugely grateful for any support. Thanks people.

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