Odds & Sods

I write from the confines of a service station in Oxford, eating cold bacon sandwiches and paying through the teeth for intermittent wifi. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Bath on Wednesday and Larmer Tree last night were great, and we’re about to jet off for 2000 Trees Festival, a.k.a. my favourite stop of the festival calendar. So, no complaining. I have a whole bunch of little bits and bobs to share, so I’ve collated them all into this post, which is going to be a bit rambling. Sorry..

I have two new confirmed US Festival appearances, and I’m pleased as punch about them both. October 10th will see me and the band at Austin City Limits in Texas, while October 31st will see me playing a solo set in Gainesville, Florida as part of The Fest. Both should be a total blast.

Secondly, charity stuff. Some friends of mine are involved in Follow That Firetruck – an awesome international road trip that is also raising money for some excellent cancer charities. Go have a look and send them a couple of quid. In return, I give you this – my friend Chris’ band Hold Your Horse Is are giving away their new single free of charge on their website. Get involved!

Finally, here‘s an interview I did in Finland recently. And many thanks to Jenny for the Red Snapper CD that arrived unexpectedly the other day, hugely appreciated. Hadn’t listened to that album in years and had myself a private little rave in my bedroom. Great.

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