Time Zones Are My Bitch

The last few days have been, even by my prodigious standards, totally fucking insane. After the joys of the Calgary Folk Festival, I headed to Colorado to see family. On Wednesday evening, I got on a plane in Denver bound for London, where I arrived at midday (local time) Thursday, already pretty frazzled. After a quick freshen up at the hotel, I headed into town for the 2010 Kerrang Awards, which I’d been firmly advised to attend.

In the event I was flattered and flabbergasted to find out I’d won the “No Half Measures” (formerly “Spirit Of Independence”) award. This is the first time I’ve ever won an award for anything, so that in itself is cool as hell. And recognition from Kerrang like this is also amazing; like everyone else in the UK into heavy music, I’ve grown up reading it. It really is pretty surreal for me, this kind of thing, and I’m not entirely sure what to say about it, save that it’s very flattering, and my mantlepiece is looking fucking hawt right now.

After the awards, I got drunk. Obviously. Then some time-zone-confused sleep (not enough) gave way to another trip to the airport, this time heading for Minneapolis, feeling like utter death, which was only compounded by Virgin Atlantic screwing up my flight. In the end it was fine, but I do believe I might have considered crying at the check in desk this morning. Now I’m in Minneapolis, at my hotel, treating myself to a beer, and feeling tired in a truly existential kind of way, but happy. I never really thought this road would lead me as far as this, but I’m glad it has.

OK, to bed, to battle, but before I go, here’s a video about (the incredible amazing fantabulous) 2000 Trees Festival:

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