All Shiny And New

Hopefully even the least observant among you will have noticed that the blog layout has changed from the tedious, post-hack, paint-drying yawnfest it was before. Now it is a splendiferous cornucopia of awesomeness, as I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m pretty sure that everything is working and in the right place, but if you do happen to happen across any glitches, please do let me know.

The design was done by Ryan Raplee of New York, and a fine job he did too, as well as being a lovely chap. I’d heartily recommend his services in the world of WordPress theme designs.

In other internet-related news, the old RSS feed is still extant, but I’ve also got it running through FeedBurner now, which you can subscribe to using the RSS button above. Update accordingly.

Finally, on this whole riff, the “merchandize” button currently links to the US store. Come September 1st we are launching a new webstore and merch service for Europe, which will basically be the same as the US version, so all the awesome designs will be available everywhere all the time. Which is nice.

We had a great weekend in Europe, particularly enjoying enthusiastic Germans and friendly Swiss people. Tomorrow we hit sold out warm-up shows in Derby and Kendall, before the annual victory parade that is Reading and Leeds. Then it’s a short run in the States, followed by studio time to record the new EP (due for release in November). See you soon!

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