Recording Songs For Fun & Profit

I write from day 3 in the studio, in North London. We’re recording 5 new songs for an EP, to be released in late November. We’re working with the lovely Mr Tristan Ivemy (who mixed Love Ire & Song) and everything is going swimmingly. I’m really, really pleased with how the new material is sounding, and I hope you will be too when it hits the streets. For the record, the tracklisting for the EP will be: “I Still Believe”, “Pass It Along”, “To Absent Friends”, “Rock & Roll Romance” and “The Next Round”.

In other release news, I’m pleased to say that you can now pre-order the CentrePoint “Key To Change” album right here. It’s a charity covers compilation, featuring me and many others, and the proceeds go to young homeless people in London – a worthy cause, I’m sure you’ll agree. I contributed a cover of the classic Foundations tune, “Build Me Up Buttercup”. While we’re on the subject of releases, I’m pleased to say that my record with Jon Snodgrass is edging closer to the public domain – I should have more news on the release date very soon.

In show news, we have added a couple more shows to the Social Distortion run – a headline show in Albuquerque NM (October 12th) and a show with Lucero in New Haven CT (November 3rd). Check the gigs page for more information. That’s nearly it for added North American shows – though the people of Toronto should look out for an update in the next few days.

Finally, I have no idea if people really are using the Ping thing on iTunes 10 just yet, but I have myself an artist profile on there, and as of yet precisely zero “friends”. I’m crying myself to sleep every night, really. Come say hello?

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