So, my excuse is, right, that apparently, yeah, we’re a mile above sea level, right, so drinking goes to your head quicker, you know, and so, yeah, that’s why I feel like a pile of pants today. The good news is that I am absolutely stoked to be back in the USA again, touring over here is one of my very favourite things in the whole wide world. The band news is that last night got a little out of hand. Ah well. I live and never learn.

Show news! Social Distortion, in their infinite wisdom, have added another show to the tour, at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ. Tickets can be found here. In other news for these shows, both Baltimore and St Petersburg have also now sold out! Next up, the stage times for The Fest have now been announced, you can see them here. I’m slightly surprised and very flattered to see me headlining my venue. Fun times! Finally, there are a lot of people asking about the show in Kansas City MO. The venue is not yet open (we’re playing the opening night), but it does definitely exist (421 Westport Road) and the show is definitely happening, and is free, and is going to be awesome.

Oh, also on the subject of shows, December stops in Aberdeen, Liverpool and Exeter are now inches away from selling out, and most of the rest of the tour is heading that way too. Madness, I tell you, madness.

Next up. My good friend (and excellent photographer) Graham Smith is currently selling some of his prints, including one of the live shot he took of me in Austin TX last year which is in the sleeve for Poetry Of The Deed. You can check it all out here and maybe get yourself one – I’d recommend it.

Finally, two quick interview snippets for you. First up, I did an interview with Isaac Graham recently, the man who graced the B-side of the Try This At Home single. We sort of interviewed each other. It was fun. Have a read. And then here’s another bit of yakking I did recently. Enjoy. For me, it is coffee time!

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