The Middle West

I write from Kansas City, a city that, confusingly enough, is not located in Kansas. Get it together, America, sheesh. Anyways, this place is home to my friends Architects, and tonight we’re playing a show here and looking forward to hanging out with them. The drive here overnight from Coloardo was, apparently, flat and uneventful, but I slept through the whole thing, so that’s only hearsay. Sorry Nebraska, I missed you this time round.

Th big news today is about the forthcoming new EP, entitled “Rock & Roll“. The EP will be released on December 6th through Xtra Mile Recordings. It features 5 brand new songs, including “I Still Believe“, recorded in September. I, for one, am very excited about it; it’s kind of a taster for the new album (although only one song from the EP will also be on the new record) which is due early next year. The EP is being released in the UK, but we’re sorting out shipping details for everywhere across the world so people in the USA, Europe and further afield can get a copy too. It feels good to be getting new material out there.

Two bits of show news – firstly, in December, both Liverpool and Exeter are now totally sold out; most of the other shows are getting close as well. Secondly, my friends The Retrospective Soundtrack Players (who had a song as one of the b-sides for the Try This At Home 7″ vinyl) are playing a showcase at The Bull & Gate in London on October 29th. You should go, and you can get tickets here. Enjoy.

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