A Sad Day For Rock & Roll

I woke up in Detroit this morning to some sad news. The guys who run The Flowerpot in Camden, my good friends, the survivors from the good ship Nambucca, have had the rug pulled out from under them. The lease has been sold behind their backs and, as of November 1st, they will be out of there. They are, of course, looking for a new home, and will rise again I’m sure, but today I feel pretty gutted about it. I love that place, the people, the feel, and it’s been snatched away. It won’t be the same place without the community around it. Worst of all, I won’t get to go there again because I’m on tour between now and the end. I encourage everyone to get down there for the last 2 weeks of partying if you can, and enjoy the best pub in London while it lasts.

In slightly happier news, I did an interview with my friends Fake Problems recently, which you can read here. Also, my keys player, Matt, did a thing on being a session musician for the BBC. I think it’s delightful. Check it.

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