EP-Day Approacheth!

Ah, American strip malls. The soulless, indentikit out-of-town retail purgatories that are scattered endlessly across this fair land. And yet, I kinda like ’em. Sue me. I’m just outside Pittsburgh right now, we have a headline show there tonight. Social D tour is going great, Canada was a blast, all is well.

EP news! Right, I am now going to try and pithily sum up everything that’s going on with the new EP in a handy, bullet-point presentation!

  • The physical EP itself, entitled “Rock & Roll“, featuring 5 brand new songs, will be released on December 6th. You can pre-order it now from Xtra Mile Recordings. They will be shipping world-wide. If you order now, you can get a bonus CD including a live solo version of “I Still Believe”, not to be available elsewhere. The EP will also be available worldwide on iTunes and the like.
  • The lead track of the EP, “I Still Believe“, will be premiered on BBC Radio 1 on Wednesday (27th) on the Zane Low show (with Huw Stephens sitting in), which runs from 7-9pm. At the same time, the video will appear on zanelowe.com. So, please do tune in for the shows, and if you like what you’re hearing, be sure to let them know!
  • The mp3 of that song will also be available worldwide on iTunes from Wednesday evening, so people can get their hands on it legally straight away!

I’m pretty sure that that should answer any and all questions about the EP. For the record, we will be back in the studio in January to work on the new album (which will include “Believe” but no other tracks from the EP), with an eye to releasing in the spring. Cool?

Second big news for today: I will be seeing in the new year with my band and crew at Inside Out in Darlington. It’s going to be one hell of a party and tickets are pretty limited, so if you fancy joining the mayhem, head over here and get shopping!

Finally, apparently I got a mention in the Daily Mail today with something about Thatcher and her impending demise. Fame at last. Actually, for the record, I think that morbid pre-celebration of someone’s death is a little tasteless, but there you go. Maybe I’ve gone soft in my old age.

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