Crispy Crispy Benjamin Franklin

So I got up this morning, in Philadelphia, and set out to find somewhere to get online and do some work, and happened across the main landmark I wanted to see anyway – the grave of my political hero, Benjamin Franklin. Any man who can invent a stove in between launching magazines, fighting a revolutionary war, helping draft the constitution and being a funny bastard is alright with me. I threw a penny and took a photo.

The reaction to the new single and video has been fantastic, I’m very pleased with how people are taking to it. Some thoughts, notes, and answers to questions. The crowd on the recording is from both Reading and Leeds festivals this summer. The girl playing harmonica is my cousin. The tattoo at the end of the video is indeed real (and hurt – you try lipsynching when someone’s inking you! haha). And for the record, we didn’t use autotune on the song. So there. Also, I will be releasing a solo version of the track as well at some point, never fear.

On the subject of the single, thanks to everyone who let Radio 1, XFM and 6Music know they appreciated the plays so far. We need to keep up the heat, so any time you feel like emailing or texting any DJs (Zane, Huw Stephens, Fearne Cotton etc.) requesting the track, go for it. Incidentally, I don’t have a street team (because I think it’s bogus) but the genuine contributions of people who read this blog go a long way to helping out, so, thanks for that, I really appreciate it.

Another little thing you can do – the Kerrang Magazine poll is now open. You can go vote. I’ll leave your choices up to you, haha.

Next up. Chris Bourke, the man who did the (totally awesome) artwork for Poetry Of The Deed, is currently selling prints of the artwork for the album, as well as some other amazing pieces, on his website. You should get over there and pick one up.

Finally, here’s an interview I did recently. Enjoy.

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