In The Bleak Midwinter

It’s been nice to be back in England for a few days, despite the godawful weather. The little things – reading a proper newspaper, eating a fry-up in a greasy spoon cafe, drinking in a real pub – almost overwhelm me on my return when I’ve been away for a while. After a weekend consisting almost entirely of eating and sleeping, the week has dawned, ready for the start of the UK tour.

And then there’s the snow. We have, to be honest with you, been slightly umming and ahhing about the weather in Aberdeenshire. After much debate I’m pleased to say that, as of time of writing, I’m about to start heading north, and the show tomorrow is still going to go ahead as planned. Fuck the snow!

For those of you further south (who are, apparently, about to suffer the brunt of the freezing apocalypse next), if you live in central London and have Christmas lights that need switching on, then you might be able to get me and Dave Berry of XFM to come round to your house to do just that next week. Details of the competition are to be found here.

Finally, part 2 of the US tour diary!

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