Aberdeen, God Dammit

Argh, shit, fuck, piss and nonsense. After my optimism yesterday, fate cackled over her hand and dealt a series of cruel blows. The tour bus, due to pick us up in Oxford yesterday afternoon, got stuck in snow on the way to get us and didn’t get there until 2am (at which point the driver has to sleep for 8 hours). Then we have to get to Newcastle (easier said than done) to get equipment and crew members, and then finally to Aberdeen… and the roads up there got closed again. In the end my tour manager made the decision that there was no practical and safe way for us to get to Aberdeen for the show.

So, in a development that brings me out in a rash of irritation, we have decided to postpone the show tonight. I’m fucking gutted, and can probably never stop apologizing about it. Everyone should hold onto their tickets, we’ll be rescheduling as soon as possible (probably February) and all tickets will be valid.

Also, we’re now on our way to Glasgow, and we will 100% definitely still be doing the show there tomorrow night. Sorry everyone.

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