Bold New Steps

This morning the band and I loaded our gear into a studio in north London. We’ll be here for the next few weeks, with producer Tristan Ivemy, working on album #4. I’ve been writing songs since we finished “Poetry”, we’ve been rehearsing them on the road, and we spent a while in Oxford in pre-production, fine tuning every last detail. It now feels like we’re truly ready to start laying things down. I feel excited, confident, slightly pressured, and many things more. Time alone will tell where this record is going, but I’ve got a good feeling.

A quick bit of crowd-sourcing now. I’m on the lookout for a brass band – either Salvation Army, or maybe Colliery style, very soft, English sounding – to play a short piece for the album. If anyone has any ins on this, please do get in touch (email address to the right side of this blog). London-based is very much preferable, but I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.

Right, I’m going to go and check on drum sounds. I’ll update more as time goes by. Wish me luck!

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