Swift Progress

Week two in the studio dawns with much to be satisfied with. We made much quicker progress in the first week than we were expecting in the end, finishing up all drums, bass, piano and electric guitars, as well as nailing the atheist gospel choir thing. This morning my good friend Franz Nikolay came in to play accordion, and we’ve started in on the vocals now, which is always the most nerve-wracking part of the process for me, personally. But we’re nearly 3 songs down already, so we’re making good time.

The album, incidentally, is due for release in the early summer. I can’t be more specific than that just yet, the people who organise these things are, well, organising them. I have an album title in mind, but it’s currently being checked out by legal people to make sure it’s OK for me to use. We’re working on 15 songs; I doubt that all of them will make the album proper (though it’s tempting). Everything sounds really strong right now.

Other business. My friend Tony organises fund-raising for a bowel cancer charity, Support Your Bowel. I donated them a signed guitar at the end of last year, which they are raffling off, with the proceeds going to this worthy cause. You can buy tickets right here.

Finally, after my Christmas cover of a song by old friends Reuben, Jamie, their singer, has responded in spectacular style by posting a fantastic cover of one of my tunes. Enjoy.

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