Underdog Takeover

What a strange week it’s been. As well as being mentioned in last week’s Popbitch (fame at last), I’m pleased to say that this morning I woke up to discover I’ve been nominated twice in this year’s NME Awards. Whether incongruously or not, I still feel like the underdog in the music industry with what I do and the way I go about it. Being mentioned in something like this (best Solo Act and best Blog, natch) feels subversive to me. The awards are open for voting, and I’ll encourage you all to go vote for me now. On the extreme outside chance of me winning, awesomeness would descend upon the world for three reasons: (1) I’d feel very chuffed and my mum would be proud. (2) I think it would represent a blow for the underdog, the uncool, the non-mainstream. (3) I’d be *officially* better than Kanye West. Ha! So, please do go vote, and press gang your friends, colleagues and family members into doing the same. One more time, here’s the link: http://www.nme.com/awardsvote

In show news, I’ll be hitting Bournemouth Old Fire Station on February 21st. More than half the tickets have gone, so if you’re coming, go get yours now. Also, I’m stoked to say that the excellent Jim Lockey & The Solemn Suns will be opening for me n the boys on the February run of shows. Check them out now, learn the words, get down the front early!

I’ve also recently posted a run of European shows with my good friends Social Distortion. Thusfar we have shows in Germany, Holland and France, but there are more to be announced soon, so keep watching the gigs page. Also, there are a ton of European and UK festival appearances to be announced shortly, and more US shows. So everyone be cool, OK?

In the studio today. Everything has been flying by, in a good way. Chris T-T, Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo and others have breezed through to add their talents to the mix. I think we’ll be done recording in the next few days, which is exciting. Then it’s just down to Tristan to mix the damn thing (rather him than me!). I have an album title settled now, though I’m not yet allowed to share it. Everything’s coming together nicely.

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