Dentistry and Other Modern Foibles

That isn’t, by the way, the album title (!). I went to the dentist today for the first time in a long time. It felt like another plank of my adolescence, along with sleeping on the floor and never, ever washing my jeans, is slipping away. On the plus side, I might still have some teeth when I’m older. You win some, you lose some.

Yesterday saw the boys from The Dawn Chorus and friends come into the studio to lay down some passages of brass. I’ve never had trumpets, cornets, saxophones and trombones on a record before, and it was intriguing checking out the way those players operate. Everything sounded spot on, and I’m happy to say that the end of the day represented the end of the album recording session full stop. Huzzah! Mixing begins in earnest today; it’s a long process, but the penultimate one before I can hold something approximating a finished record in my hands.

A new show, a final one for the February run, has been announced. February 19th will see me and the boys (and Jim Lockey) hit The Bullingdon Arms in Oxford. Tickets are onsale now and can be found right here. Fun times!

Finally, some bits and pieces for you. I recently did quite an extensive interview for a new podcast called The Great Leap Forwards. Check it out right here. Secondly, regular readers will be aware that I’m a massive fan of Mr Ben Marwood. His fantastic new album, “Outside There’s A Curse“, is officially out today on Xtra Mile Recordings, and you should totally buy it because it’s ace. Finally, I made an incredibly brief cameo appearance in friends Hold Your Horse Is‘ new video, and you can watch it here. Enjoy.

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