Dotting The I’s and Crossing The T’s

Mixing continues apace. It’s always a slightly more stressful and sluggish process than I remember it being, and part of me just wants to sit the whole thing out and let someone else deal with it. But it’s my baby, at the end of the day, and it’s worth the hassle. I’m confident it’s going to sound super-duper, it’s just a question of getting to that point. Once more to the grindstone.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the secret show last Friday at the Wheelbarrow in Camden. Much fun was had by all, and we managed to film most of the set too, so look out for some new footage coming.. sometime soon. I know I’ve been doing a bunch of secret shows of late, and they’ve all been in the South East. While they’re not something I can make a regular habit of right now (not enough days in the year alas), I am aware that my geographical spread has been a little thin of late. So, people of Manchester and Leeds, keep your ears open.

The split record I made with the great Mr Jon Snodgrass, “Buddies”, out for a while on vinyl, is now officially available to denizens of the UK in a digital format (iTunes, 7Digital, that kind of thing). Purchase, download, marvel, enjoy.

Speaking of new releases, incidentally, my good friend Mr Dave Hause (of Philadelphia’s The Loved Ones) has now finally released his debut solo album, and you can check it out right here.

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