Gig #1000

So, Monday was pretty hectic – most of the tour sold out in the first day onsale, which made me feel pretty good about myself, I have to say. There are still a few tickets left for some of the shows, but for the most part it’s already set to be a full house. Thanks everyone who bought tickets, and for those who missed out, do not despair! As well as a ton more festivals, I have another UK tour to announce for November time. Details as soon as I have them will be on here, as ever.

To business. A lot of people have noticed that there isn’t a London show on the tour in May. A lot of people have also noticed that I’m coming up now for my 1000th gig (seriously, I am incapable of pronouncing that word – thousandth – it makes me feel like a French exchange student). It is, I suppose, quite the milestone. I have to say I was slightly at a loss as to how to mark the occasion, but then an idea was suggested by my good friend Jay, who does stuff with Strummerville, the charity foundation set up by friends and family of the late Mr Strummer. They do a spring sessions show every year, with the proceeds going to good causes. Herein lies a great idea – I play, everyone gets to come, and we raise money for worthwhile people. Win, win and indeed win.

So! April 21st this year I’ll be playing the Strummerville Spring Sessions at Hearn Street Carpark in East London. You can get tickets and more information right here. It will be my 1000th gig, and I guess I’ll be marking the occasion with an extra dollop of live awesomeness. See you there.

In a final quick note, my good friends the Retrospective Soundtrack Players have a new single out which you can download for free from their website. Well worth a look in. Right, I’m off to find some of whatever Charlie Sheen has been taking.

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