Heading Up Country

As many people have already spotted, we’ve added another show to the list in April. On the 2nd, I’ll be playing at The White Rabbit in Plymouth (tickets can be found here) with Cosmo Jarvis. This is partly because there was a south-west sized gap on the dates for the May tour, but also because the good people at the venue have had something of a tough time of late, and I thought I’d lend a hand. Independent venues are one of those rare things in life – an unmitigated force for good – and they deserve support from you and me both. See you down there.

Immediately after that show, I’ll be heading to Germany for a short while, then Australia, then London, then Canada and the USA, then the UK… In short, it’ll be back to my normal ridiculous schedule. I’m excited about getting back onto the road again properly – as of last night the album is officially done, and it’s time to get out there again. All that said, I’ve decided to give myself a break before the madness begins in earnest. So with that in mind, tomorrow I’m going off net, taking a holiday, going walkabout, “me time”, whatever you want to call it. I guess that means I won’t be blogging or tweeting or answering emails for a little while (oh the palpable relief! haha). So don’t get annoyed if I don’t write back for a while, please, I’ll be back with a vengeance next month. Play nice while I’m away!

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