Festival Frenzy

So I try and take myself out of the game for a couple of weeks, and predictably enough everything goes batshit insane in the first week of my absence. So after much wrangling, I decided to do one afternoon of work / email stuff, before getting back to my suntan. That makes it sound like I have anything except good news for today. Well, I don’t. Let’s get started.

The first, and biggest, piece of news is about Festivals. I’m very pleased to say that I will be returning once again to this years Leeds (Friday) and Reading (Sunday) Festivals, to play on the main stage. I remember watching Beck and Green Day play the main stage in 1995 and wondering if I’d ever get that far, so I’m pretty fucking stoked. Across the water a little, I’m also now confirmed for Rock Im Park (June 3rd) and Rock Am Ring (4th). See everyone down the front, eh?

Next up, in my absence a number of shows have now sold out – Brooklyn, Melbourne, Los Angeles (the late show – still tickets for the early one), Kingston (ditto), Stockton-on-Tees, Amsterdam (with Social D) and Plymouth. All of which makes me feel pretty popular. Other shows still have tickets (links on the gigs page), but I’d say you’d want to get them sooner rather than later, judging by this bit of news.

Next up, a charity update for you all. My friend Claire’s drive for Alzheimer’s Society went amazingly, we smashed the target and then some. Thanks to everyone who donated, and of course if you want to keep giving to this great cause, you still can. Next up, the secret shows I did in Manchester and Leeds recently were raising money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Research. Laura, who organized the Manchester shows, has set up a page right here where she will be putting the proceeds from the show, and where other people can get involved.

Finally, the album artwork is pretty much done, and in the creation thereof a longstanding conundrum has been solved, I’m pleased to say. After years of looking for a name for the guys in my band, who are a permanent, solid line-up and who are integral to all that I do, we finally have one. Amazingly, suggestions like “The Overdrive Explosion Attack Orchestra” and “The Old Men” were rejected out of hand. But now, I can finally and happily tell you that the band are to be known as The Sleeping Souls. Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. All hail.

Right, back to the poolside bar!

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