I Know What Time It Is

I’m back in London, and the weather is glorious. Thankfully most of today’s interviews are to be done on the phone, which means I can sit on a step in the sunshine and enjoy the weather. Blissful. The journey home from Australia was punishing (36 hours door to door in the end), and while I felt a bit fucked yesterday, this morning I woke up to a small part of my brain shouting “See! I fucking told you this is what the time was!” I don’t think I ever properly acclimatized to Aussie time, so I’m not feeling to shabby. Huzzah!

Speaking of Australia, man, what a time. Everyone was super awesome as per usual, in particular friends Jen Buxton and Isaac Graham. The shows were a blast and I was sad to leave. I’ll be back as soon as is feasible, hopefully with the band in tow next time.

Some show announcements (what else?). First of all, I will not, I’m sad to say, be appearing at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. I know a lot of people are disappointed about that – I am too. I can’t really go into the mechanics of the booking process this year, but I do want to state for the record that this isn’t some malicious attack on Glasto punters by me. I really wanted to play this year but it didn’t work out. Sorry everyone. Instead, I will be playing the extra Hamburg show with Social Distortion on June 23rd. See you there, Germans!

In other happier news, I’ll be playing a free instore show at the HMV Brighton at 4pm in the afternoon of my show there for the Great Escape (May 12th). That’s as well as the talk at 2pm. Gonna be a busy day.I’ll also be on the main stage at this year’s Kendal Calling on the Sunday night (July 31st) with my band.

Final show news of today – I’m coming back to Poland! Hurrah! This time it’ll be with my band. We’re playing Club Meskalina in Poznan on Sunday June 5th. I’ll have ticket links and will post them soon. I love Poland, so this is good.

Finally, I guy called Dan is working on a photo project right now, and it’s awesome, and he needs your help. I’ll let him flesh out the details on his site, but I’d recommend everyone to head over there now. That’s all from me today, back to the interview storm!

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