Breakfast In Dundee

It really hasn’t been that long since I did a blog post, in the grand scheme of things, but a lot of ground has been covered in the meantime. April was the craziest month. The shows in Canada and America were great, new friends made, new tattoos acquired. As I have mentioned in a few places, there is a massive, proper, full-band, headline tour of the USA and Canada coming in the fall. The dates are coming soon (I’m pestering everyone to let me release them now, haha). Watch this space. Now I’m in Dundee, a town I haven’t visited for a long time, and it’s good to be back.

News for today! Finally, I’m pleased to say that the video for “Peggy Sang The Blues” is with us! Right now you can check it out at (for the UK), (for our European friends) and (for my yankee compadres). It’ll be up on my youtube channel soon as well, I hope you like it.

Also for my dear American friends, there are now pre-order links live for the new album through Interpunk and Smartpunk – both of which will come with a signed album poster. Check it out.

Looking back to the old continent again, it always pleases me to break new ground – Latvia and Poland are some of my favourite parts of Europe to play – so it’s with a smile on my face that I can announce that I’m coming to Croatia for the first time. 9th August sees me and the band appearing at the Terraneo Festival in Sibenik. Details can be found here.

Finally, I got an email out of the blue the other day from a guy called Abdulla. Because Abdulla is a fantastic human being, he took it upon himself to write out the music for the piano part to Jet Lag. This is something a lot of people have asked me for over the years, but because I’m shit at the piano and can’t write music, it wasn’t something I could provide. Now I can. Thanks, Abdulla! Enjoy, everyone else.

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