All Hail Wozzie!

I’m sat in the Railway Inn catching up on the internet (this just in: it’s still there). Today is an exciting day: to celebrate the fact that it’s only one week until the release of England Keep My Bones, you can now stream the whole album from I hope you like it…


Wozzie and me

But I’m really here to tell you about Wozzie. Wozzie contacted me a while ago to let me know he’s embarking on a project to raise money for charity, in memory of his two Grans. There are two charities – the British Heart Foundation and the Macmillan Cancer Trust – that he’s helping out. He’s decided to do a bunch of crazy stuff to get some cash together – he’s going sky-diving, he’s walking the South Down Trail (104 miles of it), he shaved his head, he’s conquering his fear of needles to get a tattoo… And thusfar he’s been to 12 of the shows on this tour. He can’t make the last show tonight in Winchester, but he could make it to the show at the Barfly next Monday. I’ve decided that, if we can collectively get both his giving pages up to £250 each, I’ll put him on the guestlist for the show. So come on people! Let’s get Wozzie to one more gig, and let’s raise some money for a great cause. Go here or here. If we hit the targets early, I’ll think of some more crazy stuff and we can keep going, the sky is the limit.

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