Au Revoir Social D

We have successfully negotiated the living hell that is driving a van in Paris and arrived at Le Trianon, which is a lovely venue. Tonight is to be our last night with Social Distortion in Europe, on top of the American dates that we did together last year. This, then, seems as good a time as every to say that it’s been an absolute blast, the guys in Social D and their crew have been as friendly as any band I’ve ever toured with, and we’re eternally grateful for the opportunity to play to their crowds and make new friends.

With this in mind, here’s a link to something awesome I did while we were in Berlin. I had the opportunity to interview Mike Ness for a German TV show, and the results are here (part 1, part 2). It doesn’t really come across in the footage but I was pretty nervous, but as ever, Mike was a gentleman. Enjoy.

Speaking of interacting with my peers, I finally found a clip of my time with the Weakerthans, which you can see here.

Finally, today is the start (in the UK) of National Transplant Week, which is a drive to increase the number of people registering for organ donation. It’s something that I think is a great cause and well worth supporting, so go check it out.

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