World Tour Starts Here

I’m pretty sure I’ve packed everything. In about 15 minutes it won’t matter much because I’ll be on my way to the airport and headed for Ireland. From there I’m solidly on the road through until Christmas, and quite possibly for the next four months of 2012 as well. Passport, check; wallet, check; guitar, check; toothbrush, check. The rest is trimmings.

Ah yes, Ireland. It’s fun to be spending a little more time south of the border this time round. Tonight I’ll be in Kilkenny for the first time in my life. I’m excited. There’s some slightly annoying news about the Belfast venue – Mandella Hall are experiencing technical difficulties, I’m told, so the show on Saturday has been moved to the Stiff Kitten (venue details here). All original tickets are still valid, and you can still buy yours here if you haven’t got them already.

Also on the subject of Ireland, after much faffing around I can finally and happily confirm that my good friend Mr Ciaran Lenehan will be opening all the shows. Take some time to familiarize yourself with his tunes right here.

Right, I’m heading for the airport. See you all somewhere along the road.

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