Busking In Wessex

Hello from Austin TX. Since my youthful indiscretion of writing silly songs about Texas before I knew anything about the place (see “Nashville Tennessee”), and since getting my Texas tattoo at SXSW a few years back, I’ve grown to love this place. A lot. Like, if I was going to move to this country (which I well might some day) I’d move to Austin. It’s sad we’re only here for the one day. So: time to make it count!

In other news (and hence this blog post), the powers that be have decided that the song “Wessex Boy” is going to be a single at the end of this year. That’s great news, I love the song, and it’s about my hometown, Winchester. One problem though: we’re not actually going to be in Winchester between now and the end of the year, which makes shooting a video there impossible. And yet, a video for that song which doesn’t feature the city would be, well, just¬† bit odd.

So! As per usual, a slightly last-minute, frantic but fun plan has come together. It so happens that Winchester is one of the few cities (if not the only one… any legal experts reading this?) where you can busk without a license, thanks to an ancient byelaw. My good friend Mr Ben Morse, who has made plenty of videos for me before, is going to be putting together a busking expedition in the old city next Sunday, 9th October. If you’re the kind of person who busks, who has an acoustic guitar and sings, and who generally likes to get stuck in to things in life, then please do get in touch by emailing this address:¬†wessexboyvideo@gmail.com. Ben asked if you can send your full name and a pic of yourself to that email, and he’ll get the rest sorted out, send you the chords to the song, and all other details, and so on.

As per usual, many thanks for your help in all things, friends.

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