The Wild West

It’s been ages since I posted an update, apologies for that. But then I suppose the good news is that I have loads to say. Well, “good news”, I guess that depends on your point of view. How about I just shut up and get on with it?

We have torn up the west coast of this continent and then driven through the wilds of northwestern Canada, via Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg and more. The night before last we made our way back to the USA, via a border crossing that went smoothly (apart from the bit where they confiscated all our lemons; the humanity!), and right now I’m on a day off in Milwaukee, recovering from a great night in the legendary Triple Rock in Minneapolis. The shows have been great, everything is running smoothly, and it’s almost a shame to note that the end of this tour is looming.

Speaking of this tour, lots of shows have been sold out, which is lovely. Looking forwards, the last 3 shows are all gone, and many of the others are close. A word to the wise – if you’re planning on driving a long way to one of these gigs, get your tickets before you set out because a lot of them are selling out on the day. Also, if you’re anywhere near Quebec city, please have a look at this and get involved!

Turning our gaze to the UK and Europe, there have been some shows selling out there too – London, Manchester and Birmingham are gone, the others (especially Glasgow) are getting very close. The Hannover show has now moved to a different (bigger) venue, Faust, all original tickets still valid. Other shows are selling like hot cakes! I’m also pleased to announce that, for the mainland European dates, good friends and Xtra Mile buddies The Xcerts will be opening all the shows. Check em out.

Finally, on the subject of shows, the tickets for Wembley (still can’t quite believe I’m writing that) have been selling really fast as well. We’ve set up an application now on Facebook which means you can buy them direct there. The app is here. We’ll be announcing details of the other acts playing as soon as we can, sit tight people!

Next up… I recently produced my good friend Jay’s new record, a.k.a. Beans On Toast. Producing was a first for me and I had a blast, I’m actually really proud of the record in a weird way. It’s coming out through Xtra Mile on December 1st, but Jay has started making and posting some (awesome) videos for the songs. Here’s Blowjob For The Blues.

Finally, the video for the next single, “Wessex Boy”, is finally here. Check it out!

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