The Second Three Years

In a development that has slightly blown my mind and left me checking diaries, asking random strangers who the president is and so on, it seems like the time has rolled around for the Second Three Years. With the good folks at Xtra Mile Recordings, I’ve put together a 23-track collection of songs that didn’t make the last two albums, including unreleased songs, reworkings and covers. The details are here. For the time being there are no vinyl plans (this may change). Enjoy.

The US and Canadian tour is done, which is weird and sad in some ways, but the tour was absolutely awesome from top to bottom, so I have nothing to complain about. Thanks again, as ever, to the Sleeping Souls, my crew, Into It Over It and Andrew Jackson Jihad for an amazing time, and for everyone who came out to the shows.

Also, my friend Jon Spira (who made the video for “Photosynthesis“) has made an amazing documentary film about the history of the Oxford music scene, which includes cameos from Nigel Powell and Jamie Stuart (of Dive Dive). You can (and should) find out more here:

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