Happy 2012!

A belated happy new year to you all. I hope you had fun festive seasons. I spent a relaxing Christmas in Colorado, and then a totally manic 30th birthday and new year’s celebration (that kind of blended into one long horrendous bout of sinning). Anyways, 2012 is upon us! Nice to have a new number to write at the end of dates, and if you’re the kind of moron who believes that Mayan crap then it’s also our last year, so we’d better make the best of it!

The first thing that I did with my year was spend some time in a rehearsal room with Matt Nasir (Sleeping Souls) and Ben Dawson (Million Dead), kicking around some ideas for a hardcore / noiserock project that I’ve been mentioning from time to time for a while now. Well, we’ve already had a lot of fun and made some horrid noises, and hopefully we’ll have some time to record something sooner or later to share with you all. I’ll update as and when anything happens, but safe to say, for now it’s more of a real proposition than it has been before.

Just some quick little things for today on the home front. Firstly, we’ve added a full band show in Schaffen, Belgium, on March 30th. I’m also confirmed and announced to open a string of shows in Canada for the great Joel Plaskett in April and May. Check the gigs page, as ever, for details.

Finally for today, I’ll be on the BBC Radio One Review Show tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm sharp. A bit late notice, I know, but if you read this in time, tune in. Right, I’m off to keep fighting the email tsunami. I’ll do another post with more Wembley details very soon. See you all soon enough!

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