In what is dangerously close to a cliche, I am sat in a hotel room above a casino in Reno, NV, trying to work out my¬† problems in life. I should probably make some crack here about shooting men to watch them die, but that joke has itself been done to death (not least by me on twitter earlier, ha). As I’m hoping most people who need to know, know already, the two shows we had here opening for Social Distortion at the Knitting Factory have been postponed due to illness. Annoyingly, the rescheduled shows are in May and I won’t be able to make them myself. Boo.

The moment something like this happens, my team and I go into overdrive trying to work out fill shows, not only for the benefit of those disappointed by the cancellation, but also because touring in the USA (especially as a support band) is a very shoestring operation, economically speaking, and I simply can’t afford to sit on my arse not playing. Of course, there are a million different factors to take into consideration – venue availability, the politics between promoters, that kind of thing. Rest assured that we’ve done the best job we can with this with very little notice.

So! Tomorrow night (7th February), I’ll be headlining at The Blue Lamp, Sacramento CA. Tickets will be $10 on the door, I think we’ll be kicking things off around 7pm. Please do spread the word as much as you can. I’m painfully aware that the show is not in Reno, that it’s ridiculously short notice, and probably every other thing people might be about to throw at me. But it’s something, my team worked hard to make this happen. I hope to see some friendly faces down there.

In other news, briefly, I’ve happily confirmed a headline show at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn NY on March 12th (details here), as well as my first ever Spanish show at Azkena Festival on 16th June.

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