I Can Haz Festivals

I’m in Austin Texas (yay!) for SXSW (not quite so yay). I’m sat here to write a blog about festivals this summer, lots of news and updates, although Casey, my tour manager, says I should mention that we are currently eating some really great buffalo wings. So now you know. Anyways, to business.

First of all, additions. This summer, I will be playing at Gurtenfestival in Berne, Switzerland, on July 14th. The following weekend, on 21st July, I will be playing at Rock In Idrho Festival in Milan, Italy. I will also be headlining a day at this year’s Eden Sessions in Cornwall on July 1st. Boom!

Secondly, an answer to a question a lot of people have been asking. Sadly I won’t be playing at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festivals. Bands are not ordinarily supposed to play 2 years in a row. I’ve just done 5 in a row, which has been amazing, and I can’t say enough good things about the organizers of the festival and the help they’ve given me. However, this year we mutually decided that I need a year off, mainly so that I can come back againĀ  next year, but also so I can play some other festivals this summer. I understand that people are sad about it, but that’s the way it has to be this year.

Next up, a quick word on the whole Dispatches documentary about secondary ticketing bullshit that was shown in the UK recently. I missed the actual show, but obviously it’s a concern to me, the idea that someone is ripping off either my fans or me. So I did some digging on the subject. It’s not quite as simple as me outright blanket condemning everyone involved; the people at SJM are people I work with every day and who have been a great help in my career. After looking into it, I can say with absolute certainty that this (the selling of tickets to secondary sites by promoters) is not something that has happened with any of my tickets. There are some Wembley tickets on those sites, but they’re mainly standing ones, which are sold out. Some people are obviously touting / taking the piss, but it’s not me or the promoter doing it. I’d encourage people not to pay stupid prices for second hand tickets. There are still seats left, and if you have some to sell, the forum on my site is a great place for that.

Finally, I made another language video to go with my performance at Mighty Sounds Festival in the Czech Republic. Enjoy!

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