Wembley Merchandise

Two days to go! Madness. Here’s a quick update on the subject of merch for Wembley.

We’ve got a couple of special items for the day. First of all, there’s the shirt (front and back pictured above), and the poster (middle). We also have football scarves and a new photo book (of behind the scenes shots by Matt Nasir).

Aside from that stuff, I’ve decided that we’re going to have a fire sale of sorts on old designs. Partly that’s to help me clear out the warehouse and make room for new stuff in the future. But more importantly, it’s all part of my plan to make sure Wembley doesn’t feel like an impersonal or corporate show. Old shirts will be £5 and old hoodies will be £10. I want everyone to be able to afford to go home with a memento from the show. Hell, the new shirts are only going to be £15, but yeah, this way there’s something for everyone..

Right, day two of rehearsals starts in a moment, time to get practicing!

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