Tickets For Everyone

Good morning, good morning. Well, it’s morning where I am (Edmonton). I guess I missed the 9am rush back in the old country today, but hey, better late that never, right? Tickets for the November UK tour are now on general sale, get yours here!

A couple of notes for you all. As previously noted, the Norwich show has moved to the UEA – this is so we could make the show all ages, rather than 18+. We’ve done our best with age restrictions (most shows are 14+ or all ages) but check before you buy. We are working on tour supports, very nearly got the deal worked out, and it’s going to be awesome.

The shows in Edinburgh and Truro are not yet onsale, as I have festivals in those areas who have requested we hold off until they’re done. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting ticket links as soon as they go live.

We are still working on adding a later leg of the tour for Ireland and some other parts of Wales and Scotland, keep your eyes for that. And yes, I’m aware that there are no show sin Manchester or London on this run. Apologies to those who are disappointed about that, but I’m trying to make sure I hit places I haven’t been to in years; I’ve been to Manchester on every UK tour for a long while, and I just played a big show in London, as you may recall. Also, I’ll be back in both cities soon enough, never fear.

OK, I think that’s everything for now. I’m going to drive to Saskatoon!

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