Farida Signature Guitars

As some people already know, the good people at Farida guitars have been working on a very limited signature guitar for me for a little while. Well, now I have the full details before me I thought I’d share them with all of you.

The guitar was built to my specifications, and they gave me the prototype (pictured). It’s a fantastic instrument. To get technical for a moment: it has a solid Engelmann spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides to give it a very loud, clear but also warm and resonant tone, with a matt finish, in a jumbo cutaway body. It has a Fishman rare earth humbucker pickup fitted (my pickup of choice). There will only ever be 25 of these made (apart from my one), individually numbered on the headstock. They come with a fitted case and a certificate of authenticity (signed by yours truly). They’ll be arriving for shipment in late May.

There are only 11 still available to buy (the rest have been reserved). You can get more information and order one right here. If you’re shopping for a new guitar, check it out – I’m genuinely impressed with the one I have, and these are all the exact same instrument, not cheaper imitations. Definitely worth investigating.

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