Today, Casey and I went croc-jumping. We are in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, fighting the valiant fight against jetlag after getting here from Toronto. With my mind in Canada, my heart in England and my body in Australia, I’m pretty confused about what time it is. Croc-jumping, incidentally, involved being sat in a very small flimsy boat while a manic couple dangled hacked up bits of pig trout over the side of the boat on fishing lines. This encouraged the (fucking massive) local crocodiles rearing up out of the water and jumping for the food, snapping their evolutionarily perfect killing jaws about a meter away from my face. All lots of hearty fun.

The merch that was left over from the Wembley show is now available to order from the Xtra Mile Recordings site – it includes scarves, official shirts and posters, and also Matt Nasir’s lovely book of photos. Go check it out.

I also wanted to put in a mention for the fact that my favourite new (ish) band, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, have a UK tour coming later this month. The dates and information are here. I can thoroughly recommend brushing up on their album and then heading down and dancing your socks off.

Right, time to try and stay awake past 10pm. Wish me luck folks!

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