How You Going?

The solo section of the Australia tour has come to an end here in Townsville. It’s been fantastic to be over here and hitting new places. Darwin was a blast. In Alice Springs I played a festival out in the outback that was full of friendly hippies, and climbed a small hill in an unsuccessful attempt to spot a wild kangaroo for Casey, who had eaten one but not seen one (still hasn’t). Cairns was great, though we were there for a grand total of 11 hours and didn’t actually see the sun. The show in Townsville was cool (very early set for me) but it’s been blissful having a proper day off here in a hotel with a pool and a bar. Tomorrow we head for Perth to meet the Sleeping Souls and the return to more familiar Australian towns. I’m excited, almost enough to forget about my sunburn (ouch).

An update about the November UK tour. Bath, Leamington Spa, Norwich, Oxford and Liverpool are now sold out, with many others soon to follow suite. The shows are listed on the “upcoming gigs” tab up there; if you’re planning on coming, it’d be a good idea to get your tickets sooner rather than later.

Next up, my good German friends The Donots recently asked me to sing on a song for their new album. The song is called “So Long” and is featured on their new record, “Wake The Dogs”, which is out now. You can find out everything you need to know right here. Enjoy.

Right, some food, an early night and some after-sun on my poor scorched skin. Adios for now.

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