Silver Linings

It occurred to me, as I was about to go onstage in Toronto the other night, that I was at the end of the touring cycle for England Keep My Bones. In some ways that doesn’t really mean all that much – it’s not like the breaks between schedules are particularly long or significant for me. But it was a cool moment of reflection. A quick bit of calculation gave me the following numbers: 13 months, 245 shows, 20 different countries. Not bad. It’s time now to get into the rehearsal studio with the Sleeping Souls, in preparation for hitting the studio in the summer to make another album. I feel primed and ready. And then I can do all the touring all over again, huzzah!

I got some amazing news this morning, which, given all that, feels very appropriate in its timing. Both Love Ire & Song and England Keep My Bones have just been certified silver in the UK. That means that they’ve each sold over 60,000 copies in the UK alone. Again, on a lot of levels, it’s not that important – I’m not in this game to shift piles of CDs or collect industry accolades or whatever. Having said that, if I put myself back in the shoes  was in in 2008, when Love Ire & Song came out, the idea of getting a silver disc for it would have been faintly ridiculous. Given that I’ve remained on the same (small, independent, awesome) label, working with the same team, ever since, I think that I’m allowed a small moment of pride about this one. As of course is everyone at Xtra Mile and all the people I’ve been working with these last years. I can’t say we’re going to have a crazy rock’n’roll party, but I might treat myself to a whisky tonight to celebrate. And of course, the main point is to say thanks to everyone who picked up a copy. I couldn’t do any of this without you. Big love.

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