Make Way For Mongol Horde

I’m back in London after a busy festival weekend – Strummer Of Love, Beautiful Days and V Festival. Hyper-busy, but a lovely way to finish off the summer’s gigging.

Well, I say “finish”, but… It’s been a reasonably open secret for a while now that I have a side-project band in the offing. It’s kind of heavy, noise rock, maybe a little bit “hardcore”, and a lot of fun. It features me, Ben Dawson (of Pale Horse and Million Dead) and Matt Nasir (of the Sleeping Souls). We are called Mongol Horde.

We released two songs over the last few weeks – “Casual Threats From Weekend Hardmen” and “How The Communists Ruined Christmas“. To celebrate our coming out, here’s a new song: “Tapeworm Uprising”.

We are playing on the Lock Up Stage at this year’s Leeds (Friday) and Reading (Sunday) festivals. We may also have some warmup shows coming. Check us out on twitter and facebook for more info. Enjoy.

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