Mark Mulcahy UK Shows

Greetings from Norwich. We have hit the half-way point in the full-band shows of the UK tour, and everything is going swimmingly. Getting into the crowd each night has resulted in some degree of calamity for me (lost a St Christopher, bruised my foot, cut my cheek) but it’s all good fun. The dance off is going well too. Current leaderboard: 1. Newcastle, 2. Reading, 3. Sheffield.We’re also having fun with this.

Some people reading this may be aware of the work of Mark Mulcahy. He’s a great songwriter from the USA and an old friend of Nigel’s.  I also recorded one of his songs (“The Quiet One”) for a tribute compilation a while back (it’s also on The Second Three Years). He’s coming over to the UK for a rare set of dates in December – Manchester, Oxford and London – and I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you have the chance to go see him, please do. Details of the shows are here. Enjoy.

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