Long Live The Monarch

This is a slightly esoteric post about my friends in London, so if you’re not in London and/or don’t care about my social life, you can probably skip the rest of this blog happily. For the rest of you, hi! Let’s talk about bars.

Once upon a time there was a bar in North London called Nambucca, where I learned most of what I know about acoustic music and made most of my closest friends. Dave Danger and Jay (Beans On Toast) ran the place, and those years (before the fire which ended the party) seem like perfect, halcyon days to me now. After the crew moved on from there, they ran the Flowerpot in Kentish town for a while, before moving on to The Wheelbarrow. The years there were great – I played there a bunch, as did Mongol Horde, and I actually lived there for a while. But that chapter too has closed, and a new one is opening.

Dave and Jay have now taken over a new place, and it’s a new dawn. The Monarch in Camden town (Chalk Farm road) is their new spot, and the official launch party is this Friday, March 1st. Alas, I’ll be heading for the USA, but if you’re around, check it out, it’ll be a great party, there’s a killer special guest, and apparently they now have my beer on tap as well. As and when I am off the road, I’d imagine I’ll be propping up the bar. See you there.

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