Tap Into America (sic)

Hurrah! It’s the start of the USA & Canada Tape Deck Heart Tour. We kicked things off in Cleveland last night with a crazy good crowd and a fun show. Having The Smith Street Band and Koo Koo Kanga Roo with us is a pleasure (get down early, they’re both amazing). Cahir is playing guitar for me, and all is going swimmingly.

Something I wanted to mention: we have a tour flag! We did one of these in the UK a while back and it was a great success. This time around, some people have organized it themselves, which is super awesome. Above is a photo of me and them and the flag (and our bus) yesterday at the start of the tour. The game works like this: the flag has to get to every show on the tour without my help, just with people going to the shows making friends and so on. The flag has a Facebook page and a twitter; it also has a book you can sign and leave messages in with it. If you’re coming to more than one show, get involved!

Anyhoo. See you at a show sometime soon!

2 thoughts on “Tap Into America (sic)

  1. WTF.  where was this flag in clevo? I could have given it to these dudes we met that were going to your MI show the next day.  note to self:  focus on the little things such as passing of the flag instead of trying to pick up Francis outside of his tour bus.  o well.  anyhoo, great first show in Cleveland, we had a REALLY fab time! love u frank!!!

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