Charleston and Columbia Show Postponement

Hey everyone. It’s with a fair amount of sadness and irritation that I have to announce that the upcoming shows in Charleston and Columbia, SC, in November, are being postponed. I have to fly back to England for a day or two to sort out a personal issue. It’s something I really have to do, despite the fact that it’s letting people down. My apologies to everyone who was planning on coming to the shows, I love playing the Carolinas and I’m really pissed off about missing the gigs. We will do our level best to get them back in the calendar as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Charleston and Columbia Show Postponement

  1. What about refunds or honoring already purchased tickets? Are you still playing NC? Well wishes for sorting out personal stuff. However, irritated as well. My boyfriend ADORES you and now he has no birthday present or rather his present is flying to England! 

  2. I’m sorry to hear that, I love the Carolinas too and it’s a shame you’re having to miss them – hope you’re back on the road soon, good as ever!

  3. FT:  All the best to sort out your personal issues; it sounds like a painful decision for you to cancel, since I know your fans and gigs are so important to you.  To PIPERKV, it seems that you have planned a special b-day for your boyfriend which is thoughtful! No need to have Frank feel worse than he does. Just call the venue to find out their refund policy, buy some cool FT merchandise and put together an “I.O.U.” FT fan pack for your sweetie with a promise to take him as soon as possible to the next concert!  FT and the Sleeping Souls are real guys…they sacrifice so much to be on the road as much as they are!  Life happens to all of us and we sometimes need to take breaks to take care of it. 

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