‘Oh Brother’ Fan Video

If you’ve heard my song ‘Oh Brother’ and seen the video for it featuring my good buddy Ben Dawson, you’ll know it’s a bit of a sentimental old sop-fest. I’m hoping it tugged at your heartstrings and didn’t make you feel nauseous.

Having met a lot of you folks whilst on the road, I know how solid your connections are, and I want to celebrate that with a fan video showing the frolics you and your mates get up to.

It’s pretty easy, all you need to do is get your mate, or mates, and film yourself having a bit of a laugh. Post the end result to Instagram with the hashtag #FTHCohbrother and it share to Twitter so it can be tracked a little more easily.

Some of the best ones will be compiled in a new promo for ‘Oh Brother’ which will be forever cemented on my YouTube channel.

Looking forward to seeing some of your videos!

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