Heading Home

I’m now at Jacksonville airport, starting my journey back to the UK. I’m pretty exhausted and for once very glad to be heading home.


This tour is done – 49 shows in the USA and Canada; if you include the European run, it’s 70 shows on the trot. This year, I’ve done 194 shows (73 of them with two slipped discs in my back). I’ve got one left (with Billy in London). We’ve played in 22 countries – the UK, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, China, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Canada and the USA – 29 states: MA, NY, CA, TX, CO, PA, MD, NJ, OH, WI, IN, TN, RI, ME, VT, MI, IA, NE, UT, NV, WA, OR, IL, MO, AL, FL, GA, NC, and VA.


We played 20 festivals – South by Southwest, Byron Bay, Groezrock, Podersdorf Surf, Dauwpop, Bonnaroo, Southside, Hurricane, Bravalla, Ottawa Blues, Toronto Urban Roots, Two Thousand Trees, T in the Park, Poolbar, Jarocin, Newport Folk, Osheaga, Jurassic Rock, Reading, and Leeds. The biggest show of the year was Reading Festival. The smallest was at my nephew’s primary school in Lancaster.


And that’s me done for the year. Thanks to the Sleeping Souls – Nigel, Ben, Matt, Tarrant, and honorary extra members Dan and Cahir; to Casey, Graham, Jovka, Eric, Tre, Dougie, Shaun, Greg and the rest of the crew; to all the bands we’ve shared stages with this year, including The Dropkick Murphys, The Architects, Beans On Toast, Larry & His Flask, George Frakes, Ben Marwood, Off With Their Heads, Die Toten Hosen, Lucero, Jon Allen, The Smith Street Band and Koo Koo Kanga Roo; and of course to everyone who came to the shows.


I’m going to put my feet up when I get home.

20 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. And thank you too.

    Hope the back is holding out. Looking forward to Shelter gig next week and O2 next year…….and whatever else may appear!

  2. Thanks for visiting us here in the northern virginia/ md area- one of the best shows I’ve attended this year- love the new album- safe travels!

  3. You are the man! I had such a wonderful time at your show last month, I’m still nattering about it as much as I can.  I got to see you four times during SXSW, and each night was better than the last.  Thank you for each moment you give us.  I speak for the lot when I say that we are all truly lucky to have your music in our lives.

  4. You made my year coming to Chicago. Hope to see you over the pond again soon. Have a safe journey home, and take care of your back!

  5. I went with my son to bonnaroo back in june…since then i may be the biggest fan in Mexico!…great music and performance… hope you come to Mexico soon…have a great 2014.

  6. A well earned rest I’d say Frank, but remember to brace yourself for the next 1000 shows. I’ve seen you twice now, once at the O2 Academy with George Frankes – who was wonderful – and the second time at Reading. Two very different gigs, I’ve booked tickets for a 3rd. Thank you so much for sharing our music with us. Just wondering if you’ll ever do a solo tour again, songs like Casanova Lament, A Decent Cup of Tea and Jet Lag would be lovely to hear live. Thanks again Frank. 

    Take Care

  7. You forgot US state MN (Koo Koo’s home!) but it’s ok we forgive you. Rest well and keep at it. We love you !!!

  8. Hope you have a restful and healthy New Year so you can come back to NYC and kick our asses again soon!

  9. Lucky enough to catch you 3 times this tour (Brooklyn, Mobile, & Jacksonville the following night). Be selfish, get healthy, and get some rest.

    I’ll see you when I see you…


    Wes in Jacksonville,

  10. You’ve more than earned this well-deserved break. You put on one of the most heartfelt, lively and best shows I’ve ever seen. I cannot wait until you hit the road again and return to the States, although it’s my goal to see you abroad. I look forward to the opportunity to interview you again. Thank you so much for sharing your music and talent with the rest of us. 


    Dalissa Reeder (Radius Magazine)

  11. I was at two of those shows sir and I can tell you that you’ve earned some time with your feet up, but come back real son brother.  

  12. You’ve inspired me to start writing again after much too long away. Thank you. Oh, and don’t put your feet up for too long. Rest is actually the worst thing for bad discs. You’ll end up old, in pain and using a cane – like me.

  13. Safe travels! Thanks for one of a the greatest show experiences ever – the spring show in Indianapolis, my son got to sing Photosynthesis with you on stage. It was incredible! Thanks for being you and all the ass busting work you do. We love what you and the Sleeping Souls bring to the stage.


  14. Holy shit have you earned some time off your feet. Especially some time from that back of yours. Just rock out without mobility for the next little while – it’s possible (though not nearly as fun).

  15.  That Calgary show was my first time seeing you.  Just stumbled across FT by fluke this year.  Bought all 4 LP’s that were available at the show and seeing how I had no place to put them, I used them as big flappy hand clappers during the concert.  Fackin hell… what an energetic man you are. And your band…. SUCH great stage energy.  Lookin for you next time around.  We’re heading to Dublin in August (unfortunately ONE day after Leeds / Reading) but hope to catch you on our two week stay in the UK, Brussels and Berlin.  Much love and respect from one musician to another.  Rest well. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. CHEERS!

  16. Frank,  I had the honor of meeting you in person for 15 secs behind the Granada Theater in Dallas in November.  Also took in your show in my hometown of Portland, OR in Oct  You are the best poet / lyricist in rock today.  It has been decades since I feel I have heard someone who can take someone on a thought  journey through a song.    Looks like your 2014 winter to spring is Euro centric.  Look forward to your return to the states hopefully sometime in 2014.  It wont be long before your shows are in places so large that running into you on a picnic table behind a small brick theater in Texas is no longer possible.  

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