No Sleep Til Holloway

Last month, I did a short UK Book Tour. Some of you may have caught it. On the tour, I brought along my friend Ian Winwood – music journalist and author – to ask me questions on stage and oversee the Q&A section. Our public chats were so much fun – an extension of our private natterings, basically – that we decided to try our hand at doing a podcast – No Sleep Til Holloway. Neither of us have ever recorded a podcast before, so the jury is still very much out as to whether or not we are any good at this. But anyway. Here it is, episode 1!

3 thoughts on “No Sleep Til Holloway

  1. Enjoyed the chat. Two things I will take away from it. 1. Never heard of Mewithoutyou, listening to album now, great lyrics. 2. The idea of outcome being more important than intention. Makes sense, but I still cling to the the idea of intention being more important, assuming the person with the intention is not a total idiot.

    Just one thing, can you fiddle the levels next time so voices and music are similar volumes.  Look forward to next time.

  2. This was nice – please keep doing it!

    It was surprisingly relaxing, and I’ve been puzzling on that all evening. I think it just does my heart good to hear intelligent people talking politely about things, and staying true to form – no agenda, no sales pitch, no ratings to keep up – just things, a few laughs, and a few songs. All good.

    I do like the stories, regardless of the subject matter. Frank is a great storyteller, as is Ian, apparently. (Ian, I was probably at that PiL show in DC, but this was the first time I heard that one. I have, however, seen Ian MacKaye arrive at a venue in his old Honda, quite recently actually – another one staying true to form.)

    Please do try to improve the audio quality, though. Between my rock-and-roll-damaged ears and the accents, I missed a few things that I couldn’t even catch on replay.

    Looking forward to more – and reading up on Polish history!

  3. Really enjoyed this. Did feel like I was sitting in the pub listening to friends chatting so I think that means you met your brief! Can’t wait for the next one. 

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