Sunny Side Up

Greetings from Memphis in May. We have a day off here today. It’s a burning hot Memorial Day outside, but, after paying tribute to Elvis by stuffing myself with brunch, I’m mostly going to be holed up in my hotel working on demoing some new material.

I haven’t blogged in a little while, so I thought I’d set that right. I also noticed that I’ve tended to pick subjects on the more negative side of the divide for the last few posts. So here I’m going to try and be a bit more upbeat. It’s a whole new day.

This US run has been fun. We started at the Elm Street Tattoo Festival in Dallas TX (where I got my Dale Gribble ink done). Then we picked up our road buddies and headed across the south and the midwest. We have one more show with them left – tomorrow, here in Memphis, at the New Daisy Theater – so I thought I’d take a moment to write about them.

First up we have Derek, a.k.a. the Homeless Gospel Choir. We played a show with Derek in Pittsburgh back in 2010 and we were all blown away by his talent, his songs, his personality. I’ve been meaning to do more with the guy since then, but these things always take time. Happy to have him with us now, he’s been reminding me, night on night, what punk rock is supposed to feel like. Check out Musical Preferences if you’re unfamiliar with his stuff. He rules.

Then we have Two Cow Garage. I’ve vaguely known Micah for a few years now, through my good friend (and amazing artist) Vanessa Jean. I had some of their records and enjoyed them. We finally played a show with them last December in Nashville, and I spent their entire set with my jaw on the floor. They are an exceptional rock’n’roll band, and it’s an honour to go on after them night on night on this tour. Here’s a live session to get you started if you don’t know their stuff.

I always pick the openers for my tours, and I’m particularly proud of this line-up. I hope people at the shows have been enjoying them as much as I have, and for the rest of you, waste no time in checking them out. It’s sad that we only have one more show together… for now.

After the Memphis show we are joining up for two weeks of shows with Gogol Bordello, across OK / TX / AL / FL / GA, which I’m stoked about. It’ll be one hell of a bill. Then we meet up with Mr Isbell, but I’ll write more about that later.

In the meantime, I’m pleased to announce what you’ve hopefully already noticed: we’ve overhauled the website completely. Hopefully it now looks and functions a lot better, and I’m working on adding content and smoothing out any bugs. If anyone spots any typos or anything obviously missing or wrong, do let me know. For the time being, I finally added the lyrics to the Mongol Horde record in the songs section. Enjoy.

Finally, a quick shout out for the wonderful Camden Rocks Festival happening in Camden (duh), London, this Saturday June 4th. I’m gutted that I’m missing it, the line-up is ace and it’s one of my favourite musical events of the year, celebrating one of my favourite parts of the world. If you’re in London you should be there.

Right, time to work on some new songs.

6 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up

  1. I’ve been watching some Gogol Bordello videos in advance of driving down to OKC to see the show. I think they might be your most bizarre openers ever. 

    I’m going to Koo Koo Kangaroo the night before so they get to open for you in a way…..

    Enjoy the day off!

  2. Loved seeing you in Louisville again. The pronunciation gets better every year. We’ll have you passing for a local in no time. Your openers kicked ass this year. Enjoy your time down south, can’t wait to hear the new stuff. See you next time through.

  3. Cannot wait to see y’all at the New Daisy tomorrow night.  I first saw y’all at the Hangout Fest last May and was so blown away I told a buddy of mine that if you came within driving distance, I was going to be there. Before that show, I had never heard of Frank Turner, and through pre-fest discovery and the show at Hangout, I’m a lifelong fan.  With that said, we drove 5 hours up from Montgomery, AL to Memphis to catch the show tomorrow night.  Of course, we bought tix before we knew about the Birmingham gig with Gogol…so I’m working on that one.  I was hoping to get my RSD version of Positive Songs signed somehow while I was here, but not knowing if that could actually happen I didn’t bring it with.  Maybe if we make to Birmingham.  Have a great day off while the rest of us ramp it up for tomorrow night!!!

  4. Fred Tucker Band

    Hey guys it was a pleasure meeting y’all last night. After I dropped you guys at your tour bus I decided to check out your band on You Tube. It left me disappointed although not in the music but in the fact your not playing another night in knoxville so I could see you perform. But hey like I said last night I can’t wait to tell people I met Fred Tucker LOL LOL 

    Fans I know its Frank Turner its a inside joke…

    Have great tour 

    Randy your Uber Driver in Knoxville

  5. Stellar show last night in Knoxville! Enjoyed the openers, super great! Also was amazing meeting you after the show, hobbling out to greet your loyal fans. Always the gentleman. I’ll be bringing my brothers along to your 12 June show in Hotlanta, will be their first time seeing you, and my first time experiencing Gogol. Quite pumped about it! Enjoy your day, you deserve it!

  6. Hey  Mr.Turner! 😉

    Nice hearing from you…Yes, the last post was a bit…but I think it was good to say. Maybe now that kind of things will not happen or perhaps can be reduced, I hope!

    I saw you are having a good time, I am glad for you! :)………And talking about good times, me, apart from relaxing at home some moments at the weekend with a good film, a good documentary ( no a simple one, a special one, about history details, interesting civilizations…) some music…Or some sport or walking..Two Fridays ago I went to a special concert of a pianist of my country, He sings passionately, his name is Pablo López, I recomend you the songs “Se busca”, “Dónde”, “Te quiero matar de amor”….It is not my favourite type of music, I preffer, basically, Rock, then pop, indie, punk and other styles and its mixtures (in English) but it is nice to see his music, So If you have time listen to it…only to see some emotional feelings that you are, probably, not used to see (in English music).I think it can be interesting and you’ll like to see other things…

    Then, last Friday I went to a Jam session and It was so fun because you can sing if you have a song…The man who organizes the event sings preferently Blues, but other styles too (country, rock) and he is from US. I think you will like to join. In that situation you will be nearly unknown in the bar hahaha and if you sing everybody would say “what’s it?”…so fun haha!

    So I go to other concerts, places of music but I MISS a lot your show…I hope you will return ASAP!!

    About the links of music that you send…Thanks!!! I love to see new artists (for me) and yes! they were good but If I am sincere, I preffer your music; sometimes can sound, for me, in terms of abstraction, passion, depth, fun, energy…

    You talked about new songs…amazing! and about this Saturday, this is SO tempting!!!! My soul wants to be there haha, but my body i think it is going to remain in Bcn…

    Have a good time, enjoy and have some good inspiration…. to built new stories, new lyrics….

    Friday i went to a Jam session in Bcn

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