a perfect wife

A Perfect Wife

A Perfect Wife - 2:57
I married Charlie when I was sixteen,
But I didn’t love him and he didn’t love me.
Frank was sweet, sent me poetry,
But it wasn’t the same as it was on TV.

A lonely widow with no place to go,
For a time I settled on the Florida coast.
Rick and Arlie, they had to go
To join the rest of my family’s ghosts.

Now Sam was a hard man with a real mean streak,
Said women don’t need romance magazines.
But I showed him with his last coffee,
And now they can do anything they like with me.

Take it easy, don’t worry,
I’ll be fine in here.
I’m sure I’ll find my perfect mate yet
And my conscience is clear.

Didn’t do it for the money, in truth I was bored.
Nobody writes to me any more.
Cigarettes and prison walls
Will keep me company til I meet the Lord.

And Lord knows that
Oh oh oh, I haven’t been a perfect wife.
I’m a lonely heart, looking for the real romance of my life.

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