a wave across a bay

A Wave Across A Bay

fthc - 3:43
I spoke with Scott last night.
I was tired, but I wasn’t sleeping,
And despite what you think, I wasn’t drinking.
I was just finally ready to listen.
And he was there alright -
And though he’d probably kill me just for saying this –
Given how the both of us are atheists –
But there it is.

There must have been a moment,
Just before you hit the water,
When you were Filled with a sense of peace and understanding,
With the wind in your hair,
And a light in your eyes,
As you realised you were finally escaping.
But somehow, in that moment,
You miraculously miss it,
Like a wave across a bay never breaking.
And that’s how I like to think of you,
Ever falling, never landing,
Rolling slowly out to sea and always smiling.

You were always smiling.

God damn I miss you man.
It was just weeks before you went that we were speaking;
I just wish that you had told me you were leaving,
Before you walked your final mile.
I’m not pissed off at you man;
You had something in your soul that we could recognise,
You were one of us, but you’d worked out how you could survive,
At least for a while.

You were a wave across a bay never breaking,
Out to the sea,
Ever falling, never landing,
You were always smiling.

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